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The life of artist and master chef Angélique Schmeinck has always revolved around matters of taste. Whether she turns her attention to the kitchens of star restaurants, or to the imagery studio of her Culinary Gallery, she constantly aims to take the concept of flavour two steps beyond the expected. In this sense, the decision to take culinary mastery to a new level by focusing on its visual aspects is as natural as the pure and honest ingredients that have always been her foundation. In the vivid imagination of an artistic chef, a dinner plate can become a palette just as easily as a picture frame can serve as a visual dining table.

Traditional boundaries have never held Angélique back in her efforts to portray the creative urges that underpin her inspirations. Smooth transitions between the stove and the lens prove that imagining dishes and dishing out images are two sides of the same coin. In her works, photography and culinary mastery are equal instruments employed to reveal the essence of compositional art: a heart-felt passion for the right ingredients, engaged in interplay that unlocks new heights of tasteful experience and artful delight.


In her exhibitions, Angélique Schmeinck invites you to get a taste of aesthetic flavour. Feast your eyes on images that stir all the senses, and sink your teeth into edible compositions that will blur the lines between the eyes, the mouth, and the imagination...

It’s all about finding

the unusual in the ordinary

to season the emotions