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Through my photos, I want to capture the beauty and the taste of ingredients; to show their genuine nature and emotion. The essence lies in surprise and in wonder, because every single ingredient has its own story, a feeling, and a unique meaning to convey, a timeless moment.

To work with such a rich foundation is pure wealth. I aim to portray that wealth, as well as the vulnerability trapped within it. In my photography, I attempt to fuse tranquillity, bewilderment, and creativity into a single image. A peek beyond the peel and a dive beneath the surface…


For as long as I can remember, I have cherished a deep fascination for these treasures of the deep – for that is what they are, every single one of them.


With every new ingredient that I see, I can’t help but wonder what more it could be... Shapes, textures, structures, colours and flavours, along with all the relationships that could exist between them.


As fruits and vegetables ripen, swaying gently on boughs and branches, or hide the promise the carry among the secrecy of roots and leaves, so I seduce them to a tasteful dance, swinging and swirling in their own matchless palette of colour and taste.