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The 5 indispensable steps to take the highest quality food photography yourself

Do you have a passion for cooking and delicious, special food? Then you probably also feast on the sight of a tasty culinary photo. Maybe you already photograph beautiful dishes on a regular basis, for example for a recipe or a food blog, or maybe you are thinking about starting one soon. After all, culinary photography is pretty hot. We write, blog, tweet, watch and read about cooking and eating. And a tasty image is indispensable, because let’s face it: […]

Art in the kitchen: more than just splashes on the wall!

In your lifetime, you spend an average of 3 years in the kitchen. Cooking splatters are often enough found on the wall, but have you ever thought about art in your kitchen? In a space where you spend that much time, it’s not a bad idea to furnish and decorate the room according to your own taste. And that doesn’t have to be done with boring kitchen wall decorations. Go for art in the kitchen, something unique. Why art in […]

Art gift certificate

How to give a unique art gift and always succeed

Searching for a suitable gift for a friend or business associate is not always easy. After all, it often comes down to personal taste. A voucher for a photographic artwork of his or her choice could be just be the solution. Such a voucher guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment. When you surprise someone with a voucher for a culinary photo print, you give a unique and original present. It could be for a birthday or as a business gift. Unlike […]



THE INGREDIENT AS MEDIUM FoodInspiration Magazine First, cooking a Michelin star as a master chef. Then converting a hot air balloon into a restaurant, then painting with food. And now the world’s first Galerie Culinaire, with Art & Eat gatherings at the intersection of art and gastronomy. Ideas that are within her need to be mined. In our Museum of Taste & Beauty, the leading role this time is for sensitive go-getter Angélique Schmeinck (1964). We present a selection of […]

Naturally Dutch Magazine


INTERVIEW NATURALLY DUTCH Angélique Schmeinck flavors the senses Art to eat Many chefs ‘paint’ with flavors on the plate. Angélique Schmeinck goes much further. In her culinary gallery in Velp, she not only creates edible paintings but also makes food photos come to life during ‘Art & Eat’ nights. “What is my role? Seasoning emotions: I flavor the senses with gourmet, edible art.” Original Dutch Text: Bianca Roemaat At first glance, it seems like you’re walking into an ordinary art […]



  Portfolio, selection of culinary photographs in marketing Tribune Magazine. Art gift | Photo art | Culinary photography | Modern art



Collaboration with Vision Magazine (a Dutch publication), photo series Sea Treasures (Zeeschatten in Dutch)…. The collection has grown to include photographs of sea urchin, squid, Eastern Scheldt lobster, North Sea crab, cockles and razor shells. View all culinary photography of sea treasures at the photo works collection. Art gift | Photo art | Culinary photography | Modern art

Cover Bouillon Magazine

Cover Bouillon Magazine-Culinair

‘Sea of Love’ is the title of this culinary photograph that adorns the cover of cultural gastronomy magazine Bouillon! The photo is from the Culinary Modernism collection. A floundering fresh mackerel takes a dip in a bath of freshly squeezed red beet juice. They recognize each other by their distinct flavors, salty and earthy from the depths of the sea and earth. In one dish, they meet in the form of fresh salty mackerel tartare with samphire and moussaise of […]