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The idea for my edible paintings did not simply materialise from thin air. While I was active as a speaker and inspirator on taste, creativity and innovation, adding flavour and spice to events and conferences, I kept on searching for new forms, concepts, and media to get my message across. I wanted to give my audiences an actual taste of my words. The goal was to make my inspiration tangible and transparent. To let everyone experience first-hand what true Flavour Friends are – and why they get along so well. I am always looking for new ways to reach beyond the boundaries of the dinner plate, constantly seeking new table manners that transcend the limits of the kitchen and the expected. This is how the notion of edible art came about: the birth of a painting to view in the mouth.

Watch the video for an impression of the edible art spectacle...

Download the pdf in full creative colors and flavors.

What originally set out as a modest canvas of baking paper stared to evolve and thrive, fuelled by its critics’ enthusiasm. Over time, it grew to become a dynamic edible painting, created from a palette of the most exquisite ingredients and painted live onto a modular canvas consisting of several, and eventually, dozens of acrylic sheets. This is action painting taken to its most sumptuous extreme, in which spectators witness the live creation of aromas, colours, and flavours that coalesce into a masterpiece of culinary expressionism.

By now, my edible paintings have been sampled and wholeheartedly approved by art-loving gourmets from across the world: from Milan to Dubai and from Silicon Valley to Bologna. All the while I keep on developing and refining my art as I treat my audience to the tastiest of essences. Come and experience for yourself what technique, preparation, and creative combinations can do with taste, and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you shouldn’t play with your food...
I cordially invite anyone with an eye for taste, art and culture in my Galerie Culinaire, right in the heart of Velp on the outskirts of Arnhem!

For more information or bookings on location please contact via