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In the charming Dutch town of Velp, a new experience awaits cultural gourmets and art-loving cooking enthusiasts! Every single Taste Exhibition embodies a unique encounter between visual creation and artistic flavour. Relish tasteful photography and stunning dishes in an atmosphere and ambiance designed to stimulate all the senses at once. Here, visual arts are brought to life while cooking is elevated to the artistic. From a wide perspective on the art of inspiring, master chef Angélique Schmeinck takes image and taste, lifting them to the level of culisophy: the wisdom of the kitchen.

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The Culinary Gallery is much more than a restaurant or a museum: it is situated on the very point where the visual arts and culinary culture intersect. Every taste combination that sees the light here flows right from the oeuvre of master chef Angélique Schmeinck. You and your company are invited to the table, to enjoy a culinary voyage taking you past artistic amuse-bouches, edible paintings, and tasteful photography. Humour, adventure, and a sense of wonder are your visa on a journey far beyond the everyday limits of inspiration and creativity.


Angélique uses her Culinary Atelier to launch new, unique, and pioneering exhibitions. Presently, the ‘Treasures from the Sea’ exhibition is on the menu. Sumptuous, idiosyncratic and scintillatingly tasteful photography featuring fish, shellfish, and crustaceans takes centre stage. You are warmly invited to come have a taste and gorge yourself on the culinary riches of the deep seas. Of course, you will have ample opportunity to acquire the various pearls of visual flavour for yourself.