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How to give a unique art gift and always succeed

Art gift certificate

Searching for a suitable gift for a friend or business associate is not always easy. After all, it often comes down to personal taste. A voucher for a photographic artwork of his or her choice could be just be the solution. Such a voucher guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment.

When you surprise someone with a voucher for a culinary photo print, you give a unique and original present. It could be for a birthday or as a business gift. Unlike a voucher for an activity, for example, a gift certificate for a culinary photo print can give the recipient lasting pleasure. Moreover, not everyone buys a work of art or a photograph every day. A voucher in this way, is a nice trigger to go and buy a beautiful work of art.

There is no accounting for taste

What one person finds beautiful, another finds worthless. You can’t argue about taste: everyone has it, but it’s different for everyone. So you have to know the person well you are giving a photographic artwork to in order to be able to buy something that exactly suits their taste. Moreover, it must not only be to the taste, but it must also fit the decor of the place where it will hang. It’s not surprising if you don’t dare take that risk. By choosing a gift certificate, you can give something as a gift that is truly unique and guaranteed to succeed. The lucky recipient can choose something that completely fits the personal taste and the place where it will hang.

If you choose a gift certificate for a piece of culinary art, the recipient can choose from three different culinary photo collections: ‘Sea Treasures‘, ‘Culinary Modernism‘ and ‘Natural Grace’. The differences between the collections are vast and there is always a suitable photographic work among them.

Buy art as a gift online voucher

Art cannot be hurried

You look at the calendar and realize that a good friend’s birthday is already next weekend. You would never forget it, of course, but now there is very little time to find a suitable gift. And just when you wanted to really spoil this friend with a unique gift. Recognizable? You don’t have to miss the mark. You can give a unique gift and still not need much time for it. Giving a gift certificate for a culinary photo print will make this birthday completely unlike any other. You are guaranteed to give a unique and tasteful gift. Art doesn’t let itself be rushed, so the recipient can pick a suitable culinary photo gift at their leisure.

Something for everyone

With a gift certificate for a culinary photo print, there is something for everyone. Do you want to keep it modest or go all out? Everything is possible, because you decide for yourself for what amount you want to give a gift voucher. And of course the same applies to the recipient. Not every photo print costs the same and there is of course the chance that the amount of the gift voucher will not exactly match the amount of the photo print that is finally chosen. This is not a problem either. If the price of the photo print is more than the value of the gift voucher, you can simply pay extra. If the cost of the photo print is less than the value of the gift certificate, the difference will be refunded in cash. So no hassle with credits that can only be used for photo work.

A tasteful, mouth-watering gift

With a voucher for a unique culinary photo print, you give the lucky recipient something to enjoy forever. A tasteful mouth-watering gift. Surprising and subtle images with a surreal or humorous touch. There is a suitable food photography art gift for every taste and for every interior. A guaranteed eye-catcher that can be chosen by the recipient.

Whether it is an original end-of-year gift, a birthday gift, a business gift, anniversary or wedding: a gift certificate for a culinary photo work guarantees happy and surprised faces. Choose the amount for the voucher yourself and let the recipient choose from the equally unique and tasty culinary photo collections.

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