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Photo Art Gift Voucher


A piece of art makes an exclusive and deeply personal gift; a gesture some consider the epitome of ‘the art of giving’. Still, it can be difficult to choose an art object that is the perfect match for that one special friend, esteemed relation, colleague, or loved one.

A tastefully unique gift

Art is always a matter of taste; a truth that perhaps applies doubly to my culinary photography. This is exactly what makes a photo art gift voucher such a wonderful solution.

A genuinely unique present, straight from the heart and full of good taste; yet one that leaves the recipient a liberty to decide on the final details. This is your way to ensure tat your gift is a perfect match for the interior styling and personal taste of your beneficiary.

My three collections, Sea Treasures, Culinary Modernism, and Natural Grace, merge the beautiful and the delicious in surprising, slightly surrealist compositions that please the palate and the eye in equal measure.

My art will not only keep drawing the gaze of bon vivants, art-loving gourmets and visual foodies; it will be a lifelong source of creative inspiration providing that crucial artful touch to their own culinary practice.

The images in my collections offer ample choice to experience and to savour for anyone – especially with the liberty granted by a culinary photo gift voucher...

A wide range of the most delicious culinary photo’s

A tasteful gesture leaving the recipient at liberty to decide. Culinary photo art gift vouchers are available in various price ranges at values between 50 to 250 euro.

Recipients can visit either the webshop or my Culinary Gallery in Velp (NL), taking all the time they need to make a personal choice from the various photo pieces on display.

Perfect focus, true colour, extremely high-grade C-Print Durst Lambda photo prints, layered on demand between beautiful clear acrylic glass and dibond for lasting results to enjoy for a lifetime.

If the price of the image exceeds the voucher value, the buyer is at liberty to match any difference. Of course, choosing a piece under the value of the voucher results in full cash restitution of any difference in price.

A wide range of the most delicious culinary compositions awaits, in various formats and either with or without acrylic glass finish. Turn your virtual appetite into a solid gesture: the perfect gift for all the dear dining companions you would love to join at the table right now!